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*post-battle (genetically-engineered pterodactyls, really?), Steve arrives via helicopter back at the Tower, hops out and gives a tired wave to Natasha and Clint as they power down, makes his way inside and down the elevator to the debriefing room, which is not, in fact, where they are debriefed - that happens at SHIELD - but rather where they shower and change, and so named because Tony decided it's where they are de-briefed, and Steve's never been able to think of it as anything else, goddammit*

Hey. *nods at Bruce, who is drinking a gallon of Gatorade, passes him by and heads straight for the showers, leaning his shield against the wall, starts stripping out of his damaged, blood-spattered uniform*
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*sitting in the car, looking out the window, he has never actually been anywhere else in New York state, always stuck to the city, too poor to get a train anywhere further than New Jersey, so he's real interested in seeing the houses going by, the glimpses of the Hudson, as they make their way up to the foster home where Tony's daughter - and if that ain't a weird thought - has been living since her mother died*
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*has been feeling increasingly morose over the last couple of weeks, not really sure why, can't put his finger on it, he's just listless and plagued by a strange sadness that follows him around no matter what he does, it even hits him when he's trying to teach Thor the rules of baseball while they watch a Giants & Dodgers game, and it's almost impossible to be unhappy when Thor's around, so he KNOWS something's wrong, ends up spending a lot of time sitting in the Tower's oxygen garden, a weird and enormous floor of the tower that's like an indoor forest, he doesn't really know why it's there but it's nice, it's quiet, and he can sketch the flowers*
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*has only been 'awake,' as they're calling it, for a week, but it feels like a month, a month of sparse white rooms and friendly but quiet nurses, doctors who looked at him with startled eyes, and it's almost easy to close his eyes and pretend he's back in the SSR's lab, but it doesn't last, not when he opens his eyes and everyone's carrying things called tablet computers and cellular phones and he's watching a documentary on a television bigger than the bed he slept in as a child*

*is currently undergoing a blood donation, as the doctors for S.H.E.I.L.D., which apparently descended from the SSR, want to try and see if there's a signature of the serum in his system, and the helpful Agent Carter left him with a television show about the war, so he can see what happened after he went down, and it's interesting, but it doesn't tell him what he really wants to know, PeggyBuckyHoward*
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*has been chatting with JARVIS for the better part of several hours, watching newsreels on a strange screen that seems to float in the air, JARVIS filling him in on more historical events, more things he should know, he's fascinated by all the space stuff, that's really neat, he makes JARVIS play the moon landing over and over again, while Tony works, muttering to himself, fiddling with numbers and calculations and dragging what looks like a miniature bar over to his worktable, making Steve do shots of tequila now and then and then taking blood samples*

Tony? *doesn't yawn, but he feels like he should, it's nearly four in the morning* Tony, it's late.


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