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Doubt it. Coulson's feelings are way tougher than my deservedly high opinion of myself. *sits on the bench to put on his shoes* Wouldn't need a latch for your shield, anyway, you could just put it on your back like you always do. I'd have to work out the calculations for flight stabilization with your added weight -- how much do you weigh, by the way, that would help to know -- that won't be hard, maybe an additional few hours if we take long distance flight and in-air battle into account -- and then you just need a place to hold on, all you'd need is a groove somewhere, right, and you'd have to be in a position where you could hold onto me and i could hold onto you but only one should be actually necessary -- seriously, Steve, let me know if you don't want me to look into this, okay, because otherwise I'm going to, and then I'm gonna be really sad at you and all clingy and weepy if you let me do all that work just to be rejected because you're too gosh darn upstanding for the likes of lil' ol' me. *balls up his towel and throws it, aiming for Steve's stall and totally getting it in, a winner is Tony!*
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