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*has been feeling increasingly morose over the last couple of weeks, not really sure why, can't put his finger on it, he's just listless and plagued by a strange sadness that follows him around no matter what he does, it even hits him when he's trying to teach Thor the rules of baseball while they watch a Giants & Dodgers game, and it's almost impossible to be unhappy when Thor's around, so he KNOWS something's wrong, ends up spending a lot of time sitting in the Tower's oxygen garden, a weird and enormous floor of the tower that's like an indoor forest, he doesn't really know why it's there but it's nice, it's quiet, and he can sketch the flowers*

Date: 2012-06-18 02:10 am (UTC)
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*it was weird at first, having everyone move in here, feeling kind of like the manager of a hotel who really wishes he hadn't ever gone into the hotel management business and had done something with his life that was less answering room service calls and more -- right, that metaphor got away with him, but anyway -- pretty soon after that, though, he started to feel protective (in a different, less creepy, more constructive way than mother hen Rogers does, he likes to think), because if his team is under his roof, they're his responsibility. so he set up JARVIS to alert him of abnormal behavior of each team member, and it took some refinement to get a solid definition of abnormal in place, but it's been a pretty reliable system since then.

so when JARVIS informs him that Captain Rogers has been in the aboretum for three hours, drawing a little but mostly staring off into space, he takes that as good as an alarm. when he walks in, he makes no efforts to be subtle, that tends to not work with Steve*

Rogers? You in here?


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