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*has only been 'awake,' as they're calling it, for a week, but it feels like a month, a month of sparse white rooms and friendly but quiet nurses, doctors who looked at him with startled eyes, and it's almost easy to close his eyes and pretend he's back in the SSR's lab, but it doesn't last, not when he opens his eyes and everyone's carrying things called tablet computers and cellular phones and he's watching a documentary on a television bigger than the bed he slept in as a child*

*is currently undergoing a blood donation, as the doctors for S.H.E.I.L.D., which apparently descended from the SSR, want to try and see if there's a signature of the serum in his system, and the helpful Agent Carter left him with a television show about the war, so he can see what happened after he went down, and it's interesting, but it doesn't tell him what he really wants to know, PeggyBuckyHoward*

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*might have ignored Fury's call on any other day, as vague as it was -- you're gonna want to see this, Stark, meh, not as intriguing as he thinks it is -- but she's so bored. yeah, it's great not having to be CEO anymore, and also, yay, not slowly dying, but the Tower's stalled until the construction team mans up and deals with her upgrades to their equipment, and JARVIS has been pissy ever since she did a virus sweep last week and accidentally deleted his records of her daily alcohol intake over the last year.

no one needs to see that.

so she heads down the squeaky clean SHIELD hallway, her kitten heels (has long since given up on Pepper's teetering stilettos) clacking too loudly on the floor, and finally comes to the room indicated in Fury's text, and it's a medical lab. huh. she pushes in*

Fury, I swear to god, if you're trying to test me for palladium toxicity again --

*stops short at the sight of the bulky gorgeous blond man sitting on the table, blinks*

Well. Hello.


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