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*post-battle (genetically-engineered pterodactyls, really?), Steve arrives via helicopter back at the Tower, hops out and gives a tired wave to Natasha and Clint as they power down, makes his way inside and down the elevator to the debriefing room, which is not, in fact, where they are debriefed - that happens at SHIELD - but rather where they shower and change, and so named because Tony decided it's where they are de-briefed, and Steve's never been able to think of it as anything else, goddammit*

Hey. *nods at Bruce, who is drinking a gallon of Gatorade, passes him by and heads straight for the showers, leaning his shield against the wall, starts stripping out of his damaged, blood-spattered uniform*

Date: 2012-07-24 01:14 am (UTC)
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*has showered by the time the team gets back, damp towel slung around his waist, is leaning in towards the mirror over the sink, peering at an already-purpling bruise spreading down his left arm, forgets about it completely when he catches sight of Steve and turns, quirks an eyebrow* Welcome back, cowboy. Took you guys long enough, did you have to stop for gas? *isn't shy in the least about letting his eyes linger on Steve's shoulders, his chest*


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